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Folder: E Reading and Approval of the Minutes
6/11/2020 8:41 AMMegan Chaffin
Folder: G Elections and Confirmations
6/11/2020 8:44 AMMegan Chaffin
Folder: H Resolution to Approve Consent Agenda
6/10/2020 8:01 PMMark Tucker
Folder: J Public Hearings
6/10/2020 1:00 PMDanny Maples
Folder: K1 Budget, Finance and Investment Committee
6/10/2020 8:27 PMMark Tucker
Folder: K6 Steering, Legislative and Governmental Committee
6/11/2020 8:45 AMMegan Chaffin
Folder: L Any Other Business
6/11/2020 8:45 AMMegan Chaffin
Commission Agenda 6-11-2020.pdf
6/10/2020 3:00 PMMegan Chaffin
June 112020 minutes.pdf
6/24/2020 3:32 PMMegan Chaffin